• „Die Lernwerkstatt“ (Learning Workshop) is a space where learning is a collaborative, creative and self-determined activity.


    People of all ages are welcome to join us!

    Coming up: Meditation Made Easy (Workshop in English), Dabka dancing in the park and of course our 3rd anniversary party!


    Please note that we do not update the English version of our website as regularly as the German one. For upcoming events and news please refer to our main website or facebook page.

  • Learning



    means that you are able to escape your autodidactic solitude and get together with other people who are interested in similar topics (including but not limited to school based topics). Exchanging your ideas and thoughts with others helps to develop a whole range of abilities and is especially useful when it comes to reflecting on knowledge.


    working conditions are essential to us, because then everyone simply has more fun. Our learning methods foster visual thinking and promote the development of a personal learning style. Under these conditions learning becomes visible and individual creative expression is made possible. Practical learning tools will be an integral part of every class and will be explored in more depth during workshops.


    means that you get to learn whatever it is that you want to learn. Learning is omnipresent, but it's particularly efficient when motivation is on hand. This motivation can have an external root – preparing for an exam – or it can be intrinsic - „I've always wanted to know how to build my own website/ how big the universe really is.“ No matter which skills or information you wish to acquire, you'll get an opportunity to do it your way.
    What we offer

    Guided Learning

    in Math, Science, English and German for all learners from the 7th grade up.

    Guided learning is our school-based offer. Regular mixed-age groups of max. 7 learners get together weekly to work on content from school in a playful and active 

    learning environment. The focus isn't solely on improving grades, but also on guiding the individual learning process.

    Our learning guides come from various 

    disciplines and are all experts in their fields. They also bring a lot of world experience, and are involved in numerous activities in
    and outside of Berlin. These experiences enrich the guided learning.


    Arrange a first appointment today with
    a short E-mail to

    For continuous, weekly support we recommend a membership, with a fee of 20 Euros per month.


    German as a Second Language (GSL)

    Once a week, German learners of all ages are invited to come process their questions regarding the German language and to exchange with other eager learners in an open format evening program. This is mainly aimed at conversation and every day German.
    At least once a month, a GSL breakfast will be offered, which everyone can contribute to, in order to have the chance to casually chat in German while enjoying some fresh bread rolls and orange juice.
    Find more information on our facebook events page

    English as a Second Language (ESL)

    Improve your English conversation skills with our new course. The aim of the course is to get you feeling comfortable and confident speaking English. Practice with a native English speaker.
    Play language games, learn how to use practical and interesting techniques, and develop your skills in a supportive learning environment. Participate in how the class is structured and grows to help best suit everyone's needs. All levels are welcome. Teach different to think different. 

    Learning Groups for your Topics

    For people of all ages Die Lernwerkstatt is a space to gather and collectively work on mutual topics of interest. This can be in the format of workshops, evening programs, ongoing groups, discussions and many more. Our spectrum of topics is just as diverse: math and science, programming, multimedia, languages, philosophy, alternative education, etc.

    Arabic Dinner/Culture Evening

    Basel and Sameer (from Syria) will not only introduce you to the beautiful Arabic language, but also to the unique culture. Meanwhile we will all cook a bunch of delicious Arabic dishes together. Everyone is welcome! Just come by. We are looking forward to seeing you! Bring pen and paper, and if you have some prior knowledge also bring your learning material.

    M.E.N.A. Club

    The goal of all M.E.N.A. (Middle East & Northern Africa) events is to bring people of different ethnicities and cultures together, in order to celebrate the diversity of the region and to dance a lot! The focus isn't on politics or religion, but rather on creating new friendships and on enjoying variety! 





    Professional, auto-didactic programmers will teach you the languages C#, Ruby and Xojo.
    Anyone can learn how to program with joy, without needing to have any special talents.


    Currently there are no regular programming courses taking place. Soon we will start again with "Programming for Job Seekers" (C#).


    If you are interested in learning Ruby or Xojo, please let us know: info@die-lernwerkstatt.org




    Learn Arabic

    Basel (from Aleppo, Syria) and Ihab (from Palestine) want to help you learn Arabic.

    The Arabic evening usually take place on Thursdays at 7 pm (Please check our German website for current dates). Come on by!

    French Evening

    There is a good reason why "Conversation Française" is the name of this program, because it's all about speaking! A very motivated French girl named Sabine wants to help you learn this beautiful language. Come by and talk about the topics of your choice. It doesn't matter what is talked about, as long as it's in French!

    Spanish Evening

    Carlos from Peru wants to help you learn the basics of Spanish. The lessons will take place in English, until Carlos' German is better!


    This event will come back soon...currently Carlos is at home in Peru! Would you like to teach Spanish in the Lernwerkstatt?...then let us know!


    Open learning time

    What would you like to learn? How would you like to learn? These are the central questions that we will deal with when you come for a personal consultation at our Open learning time.


    Feel free to contact us before coming by, or simply come over on Thursdays between 4 and 6 p.m.


  • Gifts welcome

    Gifts welcome

    We offer our courses and events as gifts. This gives you the opportunity to take part, and then decide if a return gift is in your interest. Was that experience I just had valuable? Do I want to support Die Lernwerkstatt?

    Support can take various forms. Materials, donations, and time are all useful ways to contribute to Die Lernwerkstatt. Until now many people have come to us through recommendations, especially for guided learning. A long-term financing of the project is only possible in combination with membership fees. Membership is possible starting at 5 Euros per month.

    Our möbius strip above shows how close we are coming to reaching our goal of financing our rent ourself (560 Euros per month), completely through membership fees. Currently we receive 450 Euros per month regularly. The rest we finance with financial support from foundations. Help us reach our goal of financial independence by becoming part of our learning community!

    Become a member in 3 steps:

    1. Here you find our membership application form (in German). Download it.

    2. Fill out the form.

    3. Send us the filled out form (Karl-Kunger Str. 55, 12435 Berlin), or better yet bring it by personally!

    Die Lernwerkstatt is a non-profit organization, so all donations and membership fees are tax deductible! Until 200 Euros a simple receipt/verification is sufficient. For amounts above 200 Euros we will gladly send you an official donation form!


    Here you find our statute (in German). The goals and purposes of the organization can
    be found there!

  • Who we are

    Bianca Geburek

    is 28 and is currently studying political science and German philology at the FU Berlin. She has been teaching German as a Second Language as a freelancer since 2011. She is currently preoccupied with two perspectives on learning: reflecting on her own school, university and autodidactic experiences, as well as looking forward to the future role of learning and the topic of school in her young daughter's life.

    „Die Lernwerkstatt“ is a matter that is very close to her heart. She yearns for a place to try out alternative learning and teaching concepts which captivate and bring people together. „Let's share our enthusiasm for learning."
    Bianca is responsible for our German eventsfree learner activities and general project coordination.  

    André Brötz

    is 27 and is currently studying mechanical engineering (Master) at the TU Berlin. He has been teaching mainly Math, Physics and English since 2009. He has taught students aged 5 to 55, including teaching experiences in Istanbul and Kuala Lumpur. Learning is his major passion. He is interested in almost everything and he firmly believes that with the right attitude and the right learning techniques it is absolutely possible to learn anything.

    „Die Lernwerkstatt“ is an opportunity for him to share his enthusiasm for learning with others. He yearns for a place where an open and honest community can grow together and have fun learning new things every day.
    André is in charge of guided learning, math & science activities, financing and general project coordination. 

    Alejandro Reyes

    is 28 years old and comes from Costa Rica. After finishing his Master's degree in Human Rights and Peace Education, he gathered 5 years of experience as a language instructor and NGO-consultant. His motivation is based on conceptualizing new methods for alternative thinking and for personal development. He hopes to implement these methods in trainings and coachings in Die Lernwerkstatt.

    He is convinced that conventional learning methods restrict our intellectual potential. Die
    Lernwerkstatt presents him personally with many challenges, but also gives him the opportunity to engage with free learners and to create and experiment with new concepts and techniques.

    Ursula Seeger

    studied Communication Design, Art Communication and German as a Second Language. She has a longstanding interest in the topic of education, and has numerous
    years of experience as a tutor for German, Math, and English. Since 2014 she has been teaching German as a Second Language. She teaches art in various project spaces, as well as for extracurricular
    activities, primarily animation and shadow theater.


    Ursula is very interested in alternative and creative forms of learning, especially
    interdisciplinary and self-determined learning. She started discovering the intersection between art and science during her studies, and is currently active in Die Lernwerkstatt's project „Math x Art“. In addition to that, she is active as a learning guide and helps to organize German events for newcomers to Germany.

    Kevin Machura

    is 26 and graduated with a Master in Economics. He is currently working in Saudi Arabia and still looks back on his experiences in numerous education systems in Germany and Great Britain. He mainly criticizes the closed-mindedness of these systems in terms of alternative learning frameworks. His motivation for the development and implementation of new learning concepts therefore focuses on the growth potential of each individual. Personal experiences in private coaching and tutoring at university fuel these efforts.


    Kevin strongly appreciates the community atmosphere and close relationships at Die Lernwerkstatt. For him, Die Lernwerkstatt combines the duties and amenities of life in a comfortable harmony. In addition to the
    coordination of internal office activities and the organization of new events, Kevin works on the acquisition of financial resources to
    ensure the longevity of Die Lernwerkstatt.

    Michaela Schmidt

    is 22 years old and is currently studying civil engineering (Bachelor) at the TU Berlin. She started tutoring five years ago and hasn't looked back since. She takes great pleasure in guiding and teaching students. Ever since her work & travel year in New Zealand, traveling has developed into one of her biggest passions. She recently spent 6 months in Canada. She also volunteers as a Kung Fu trainer.


    Die Lernwerkstatt is an opportunity to give children and youth the possibility to take part in guided learning, regardless of their financial situation. In addition, it would be brilliant if students could develop enthusiasm for learning outside of school.

    Ihab Al-Sabbah

    Working as a volunteer for our dear colleagues from Loesje Berlin, Ihab teaches Arabic in a very charming and fun way every Monday at the Lernwerkstatt. He is originally from Palestine.
  • We are sharing rooms with...

    Loesje's goal is to exchange ideas and opinions. Loesje organizes international creative writing workshops for its members and other organizations, works together with cultural and social initiatives and organizes international exchange programs and projects.



    The laboratory for art and sustainability education (in German: Labor für Kunst und nachhaltige Bildung) – the place where creativity, sustainability and education all come together... with a library, info-pool, workshops, presentations, network meetings and much more.


    We are extremely grateful for the financial support granted to us by Stiftung Pfefferwerk; Quartiermeister Berlin; Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin; Der Paritätische Berlin; Senatsverwaltung für Gesundheit und Soziales; Senatsverwaltung für Integration, Arbeit und Soziales; Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung


    Alliance for Self-Directed Education

    The Alliance for Self-Directed Education (ASDE) is an organisation based in the U.S. Die Lernwerkstatt shares their mission & vision: "(...) informing people about the benefits of, and methods for, allowing children and adolescents to direct their own education. The Alliance’s ultimate goal, its vision, is a world in which Self-Directed Education is embraced as a cultural norm and is available to all children, everywhere, regardless of their family’s status, race, or income." We are happy to be listed among the SDE communities. Bianca Geburek, member of the ASDE, is co-hosting the Lernwerkstatt's bi-weekly meetups on SDE and "Freilernen". Learn more about our meetups here (German page).


    Sprach- und Kulturbörse (SKB)

    Translated literally, Sprach-und Kulturbörse means "Language and Culture Exchange". It is a student organization at the Technical University of Berlin that is made up of over 100 members
    from over 40 different countries with the aim of supporting the exchange of cultural and linguistic knowledge and experience in Berlin. They offer language and cultural events and courses for all students and employees of Berlin universities as well as alumni of the TU Berlin.



    From 2014-2018 the Handlungsspielraum explored alternative education structures that are based on self-determined design of life and learning. The rooms in Berlin Neukölln provided space for any topic that is of personal interest but that's unfortunately missed out on exisiting structures (e.g. school, university, company).


    Polly & Bob

    The organization supports a new understanding of neighborhood that combines well-being, local opportunities and the diversity of people in form of knowledge, culture and more. Numerous of events like flea markets, barter markets and non-commercial sport and family events are organized.


    For the Love of Learning - Voices of the Alternative Education Movement

    English-speaking podcast that adresses any topic of alternative education a week in an international exchange.


    Bundesverband Natürlich Lernen e.V.

    The community is a merger of private persons, families and other groups that are convinced of natural and self-determined learning. Best practice is reached via partnerships and social unification.

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